Reading Our Way Around The World

We love books and love reading aloud as a family.  Several years ago I started putting little sticky labels on the big maps we keep on the wall next to our dining room table.  I put book titles on the places where the stories we were reading took place.  At first it was:

  • Mary Poppins- England
  • Little House in the Big Woods-Wisconsin
  • Penderwicks-Massachusetts
  • Famer Boy and the Melendy's Quartet- New York
  • A Long Way from Chicago - Illinois 
What started out as labeling a couple books at first, has now turned into a family project of finding books from all over the world to read.  We quickly saw that many of our books came from either the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States or England.  We were missing the rest of the country and the world and we didn't even realize it.  What started as an awareness has now turned into a challenge.  There is nothing like a story to really learn about a culture and we are hooked.  Here are the titles of those we have read and recommend (and for which we remembered to put a sticky label on the map).  Some are chapter books and some are picture books.  Some are appropriate for all ages and some for older kids, use your own judgement.  Join us and let us know what you are reading so we can add that to our list as we explore cultures around the United States and around the world through great read-alouds.

Two awesome resources if you are also into this sort of thing are:

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