Friday, June 19, 2015

What is a Family Learning Adventure?

By Ian and Angel Jackson

So often in the modern world, the expectation is that children learn from adults. The grown-ups know something already and teach the kids. Kids learn what adults already know and the adults learn nothing knew but get the satisfaction they have passed something on to the next generation.

What if there was another way to learn something? What if you could take an adventure in learning with your family? What if every member of your family was a teacher and every member was also a learner?
We believe that something special can happen when you take on learning something as a family, something magical that does not happen in other settings. We are calling that something a Family Learning Adventure. This site is an ongoing attempt to figure out the key elements that make a Family Learning Adventure successful; meaning everyone is in, everyone plays, and everyone learns.

But wait, this sounds like family time, what is the difference? We feel like a Family Learning Adventure is something different than just regular time together as a family. We can't quite say yet what the difference is, but we hope to post examples from our own life and share things we are seeing as they happen to try to answer this question better. You can help us by commenting.

Is this a homeschooling thing? We happen to be a homeschooling family and for sure there are some applications for other families who homeschool. That said, far beyond this being about school choice or styles of learning we think this is about families. We really think there is something amazing about learning and adventure as a family and we hope that this blog will be useful to all families everywhere.

Join us by reading along, commenting and sharing your own Family Learning Adventure.


  1. I am so excited about your new blog, Ian and Angel!! Can't wait to follow your adventures and insights!