Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Found! By Angel jackson

I have been meaning to follow up on the 'wild yeast' post for a while.  It has been fun making sourdough bread.  I made the starter by mixing water and AP flour and leaving it on the counter and adding equal parts of flour and water each day.  It took 6 days but the mix got bubbly and sour smelling--wild yeast found!

Here are some pictures of the endeavor and the website I used.

Here is the starter:

Here are a couple loaves of sourdough bread from this recipe.

The recipe I have used takes parts of 3 days to make the bread once you have a starter.  That sounds long but I have actually enjoyed it.  There are small parts you do every day and slowly the bread takes shape and mostly it sits there and does it on its own and I just add a couple things here and there.

Making this bread really puts me in touch with what the Israelite's faced in Exodus when they did not have time to make leavened bread.  It takes time, and if you are in a rush this bread will not work.  I kind of like finding those things that take more time this one has really been fun

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