Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Poetry by Angel Jackson

Over the past few months I have found myself making up lots of little poems (or parts of poems really) in my head as I have watched nature.  As a kid I spent tons of time in nature and I loved it but I have to say it is as an adult that I have really learned to observe, watch and be enthralled by nature. The whole world that is going on all the time outside.  We can so easily miss it.  It's like a secret garden available to all, I love it.  Today is my birthday and I got an hour to head over to Starbucks (BY MYSELF), to get my free birthday drink and write in my journal.  While there I challenged myself to write down a couple poems that have been percolating.

I have never been a poet but hey, we are always learning!

Spring Run
Old knees, cold knees.
Can I be so bold knees?
Please release that creak and groan.
I would like to run, not moan.

Snow in April
Warm days,
Light abounds.
Water splashes on the ground.

Winter reaches,
Gets a grasp.
Holds on tight, but it won't last.

Fits and starts,
Spring comes slow.
Winter does not want to go.

Gentle hands,
Release his grip.
Time for Winter's southern trip.

Spring slow,
Warm love.
She gets her strength from up above.

Pale colors,
Growing strong.
Her gentle love, her arms are long.

Shadows lengthen,
Days grow long.
She looks to hear Summer's song.

Tulips red,
Hydrangea blue.
Spring, a gift to me and you.

Joy so fresh,
Love advances.
I want to run, my steps are prances.

Pink flower,
Yellow blooms.
The lilac gift to moms who swoon.

Leaves out,
Solid green.
She hands her baton to Summer's queen.

Okay that's it for now just a little poetry for Spring.  We are full of hope for the new growing season and excited to learn what it has in store for us as a family.


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